Birla Cement Price List Today 2024

Let us know what is the Birla Cement Price today and which cement is the best. Because it costs a lot to build any building, in which cement is an important material. Therefore it is very important to know about the quality of cement so that you can use good quality cement in your house, then we are going to give you complete information about it.

Although there are many cement manufacturers in the market that can be used, MP Birla Cement is also a great cement company that can be used in consultation with a construction engineer.

Birla Cement Price

Today mp birla cement price per bag list is showing below. Its rate fluctuates slightly. It is a well-known cement manufacturing company. If we talk about the quality of cement, it is named as a grade, out of which 43 grade cement is used mostly in homes and 53 grade cement is used in high-level projects.

Birla Cement GradePrice
MP Birla Concrecem Cement PriceRs. 415
MP Birla PSC Cement PriceRs. 390
MP Birla Chetak Cement PriceRs. 370
MP Birla Ultimate Ultra Cement PriceRs. 365
MP Birla Unique Cement PriceRs. 375
MP Birla Cement Samrat Advanced PriceRs. 390
MP Birla Samrat Cement PriceRs. 385
MP Birla Perfect Plus Cement PriceRs. 400
Birla White Putty 30kg PriceRs. 790
Birla Shakti Cement Price TodayRs. 420

So now you must have got the information about Birla Cement Price and for more information, you can talk to a construction engineer and use the best quality cement, by the way, for your information, let us tell you that 53 grade cement is the best. It’s good.

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