Scrap Metal Prices in Canberra, Australia Today 2024

Let’s see what is the Scrap Metal Prices in Canberra. Also, what are the types of metal, and where is the scrap metal used? So let us tell you that metal scrap is recycled and used again, so its rate gets reduced significantly.

Below is a list of scrap metal prices in Canberra. Here you can easily see the prices of many metals associated with it. The lowest and highest prices for metal scrap running in the market are shown in the list below.

Scrap Metal Prices in Canberra

Scrap MetalPrice/Kg
Brass Scrap Price in Canberra$1.10-2.04
Scrap Copper Prices in Canberra$3.31-6.14
Stainless Steel Scrap Prices in Canberra$1.05-2.43
Iron Scrap Prices in Canberra$0.14-0.28
Scrap Aluminum Prices Canberra$1.01-2.31

So now you have the information about Scrap Metal Prices in Canberra and have an idea of ​​where the scrap metal is used. Here you will find information about various metal scrap, which will help you to know about the latest market price.

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