Chand Time Today 2024 All India, Moonrise Time Today 2024

Let us see what is the Chand Time Today according to Hindu Calendar 2024. Karva Chauth and the time of moonrise have great importance in Hindu religion. Therefore, every person who believes in Hinduism wants to see such information. so here you are given all the information related to moonrise time today in detail.

Chand Time Today 2024

Moonrise timings today (Chand Time Today) and on Karva Chauth are given in the table below. Apart from this, tomorrow the moon will rise with a delay of 2 to 3 minutes.

Indian StatesToday Chand Time
Rajasthan Moon Time9:18 PM
Assam Moon Time8:20 PM
Punjab Moon Time9:17 PM
Haryana Moon Time9:11 PM
Bihar Moon Time8:43 PM
West Bengal Moon Time8:31 PM
Uttar Pradesh Moon Time9:06 PM
Madhya Pradesh Moon Time9:11 PM
Mizoram Moon Time8:20 PM
Himachal Pradesh Moon Time9:10 PM
Sikkim Moon Time8:30 PM
Uttarakhand Moon Time9:06 PM
Maharashtra Moon Time9:33 PM
Meghalaya Moon Time8:22 PM
Gujarat Moon Time9:32 PM
Delhi Moon Time9:10 PM
Karnataka Moon Time9:15 PM
Jharkhand Moon Time8:40 PM
Chhattisgarh Moon Time8:57 PM
Telangana Moon Time9:11 PM
Arunachal Pradesh Moon Time8:15 PM
Andhra Pradesh Moon Time9:02 PM
Goa Moon Time9:29 PM
Tamil Nadu Moon Time9:04 PM
Kerala Moon Time9:22 PM
Nagaland Moon Time8:05 PM
Manipur Moon Time8:47 PM

Hindi Calendar Related Questions:-

  1. What is the time of moon rise today?

    Today the time of moonrise is 9:20 am.

  2. What time will the moon of Karva Chauth rise today?

    Moonrise time on Karva Chauth in India is from 8 PM to 10 PM. It depends on your state, and state-wise moonrise timings are listed above.

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